“I have recently completed 6 years in Nuvama and I must confess that these have been the most fulfilling 6 years of my professional life. This a platform which encapsulates constant learning, encourages lateral thinking, enables quick decision making, focuses on client centricity and promotes a very healthy competitive environment. The ability to identify trends and to create profitable trades, speaks volumes of the research capability which even the peers in the industry recognize and respect. It is yet a fun place to work and I am sure that I have made some friends for life.   If you want to grow as a professional who is valued and respected where you have a start up culture in an old economy business where friendships and partnerships are the rule rather than an exception and if you would like to be honestly rewarded for your efforts I think Nuvama Private is the place to be…”


Nuvama Private

“Nuvama gives me the freedom to build and run my practice without pressure of individual revenue lines, while still being responsible for the overall P&L. This provides a lot of freedom to be always aligned to the client interest. The platform is cutting edge as is evident from the various new ideas that get launched regularly. It also allows me to continuously expand my knowledge and stay relevant to the ever changing investment and regulatory landscape. The culture is meritocratic and forward looking with some amazing people as colleagues. There is continuous focus is on enhancing the ROE Return On Effort of the FA so as to allow us to achieve our true potential.”


Nuvama Private

“An enterprise that has happy employees will always have happy customers. Nuvama Private is an employee centric organisation which truly came to light during the pandemic when employee safety and wellness was its top priority along with the apt technology support. The transition was seamless. In a short span of time Nuvama has trusted me to build business across the region like an entrepreneur which makes work very exciting. Nuvama’ integrated platform across businesses is highly evolved and diverse which makes it possible to meet most of the client requirements. It provides opportunities for people who want to acquire knowledge and make careers in Wealth Management.”


Nuvama Private

“Nuvama is a very ambitious and a driven organisation, with a very unique culture. It allows individuals to be intrapreneurs irrespective of their title. This brings with it, its own set of opportunities and challenges – It allows you to grow rapidly and take any new initiative. But as an intrapreneur, it pushes you to walk the initial few steps on your own, but after that the entire organisation gets behind you. The advantages of an institution are not lost – focus on learning and development are a priority for everyone. The breadth of the platform enables very diverse avenues of engagement with clients – this is valuable for both clients and advisors. An exciting place to work ”


Nuvama Private

“ We all tend to look up to someone before crossing the bridge and my primary reason for joining Nuvama was the Private Wealth Leadership. Over the yearsthe firm grew over me. There was always a humane touch which forced me to look at things with a different perspective. Interpersonal behaviour is given importance which we treasure in our culture.  Having spent over 15 years doing the same mundane stuff, the last 3 years have been the most exciting in terms of the transactions which we are able to thinkexecute of only in Nuvama. The platform has been the big enabler for me.  Last but not the least, there is massive scope to learn provided one is willing to apply. The reporting structure is lean and uncomplicated which enables us to reach out to the various other business units of the firm and develop productive synergies across the verticals”


Nuvama Private