Nuvama is one of the fastest growing financial services brands. We understand your appetite for growth and have the capabilities to nurture business opportunities, make them grow and create wealth for yourself. At Nuvama Private, our philosophy and approach in delivering solutions is oriented around your needs:


Nuvama began its journey in 1995 as an Investment Bank, and has diversified into over 40 lines of businesses grouped together in 4 broad businesses – Credit including Housing Finance, Financial Markets, Asset Management, Commodities and Insurance. Every day a 4,000 strong team works for over 500,000 retail, HNI, corporate and institutional clients. The Nuvama Group has the expertise and knowledge honed from operating across several markets, across different market cycles and conditions, across different asset classes. All this expertise and learning is available to the Nuvama Private team to draw upon in their effort to enrich and bolster the business offerings. We offer research, investment ideas, themes and actionable strategies and opportunities across: Equity Commodities Agri & Metals Real Estate Fixed Income Currencies


in understanding his priorities. We assist our client articulate his priorities through a structured process to create a unique “Investment Policy statement”. This charter document guides us to develop customized solutions which when coupled with our product platforms realize them by gaining access to in-house and third party solutions. We derive inspiration from our guiding principle, “We will operate as a Partnership” to put into practice ‘What is right for the client is what is right for us’ approach. This means we recommend only those solutions that are appropriate for the client and not what is expedient.


Nuvama is a large diverse business house with a structured, transparent and proven approach to business. Nuvama Investment Committee is one such unique platform that has evolved from its practice and is much appreciated by the clients of Nuvama Private. The committee of senior Nuvama Experts from the related business deliberates and debates to provide valuable advice for the client. The Financial Advisor is thus empowered to advice the client through a comprehensive investment advisory process.


Bold, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking has contributed significantly to our growth. We share this attribute at work and put it to practice. Our client experiences innovation at various levels of interactions, like, reporting, new age product design and various customized solutions. The commitment to understanding the client’s need and structuring a differentiated solution that works is put to test every day at work here.


Our approach to risk resonates with clients keen on building upon opportunity but at the same time conscious of the need to manage the environment. We at Nuvama are guided by our principle that “We will respect risk” but not allow risk to slacken the pace of growth. Hence, managing risk is of utmost importance at Nuvama Private. We sensitize clients to primarily 3 types of risk and have in-built robust, time tested, quality processes to manage them. Product risk or the danger of recommending the inappropriate product is minimized by a thorough understanding the client needs. We recommend customised products that maximize returns while respecting the individual’s risk appetite. Product risk is managed by consultative reviews with experts product review committee and other review mechanisms that ensure that our client always gets what is best for him. Portfolio Risk: A portfolio is vulnerable to the environment. We work to make it immune to environmental volatility, recommending asset classes and products as per client suitability, life stage needs and optimizing the composition to maximize benefit for the client’s investment strategy. Our approach blends in a system of checks and balances, through reviews and quantitative analysis by proprietary tools. Operational Risk: We are always humbled by tremendous faith reposed in our ability and function by the client. We have elaborate and extensive systems, processes and checks to ensure that trust is never shaken by random acts. These robust processes too are regularly monitored for efficacy. Family & Enterprise Risk Audits: We have proven capabilities to help clients audit their family and enterprise functions for exposure to risk and present solid solutions that work.


Nuvama Private is popular with the new age entrepreneur as he finds value in our ability to address both sides of his balance sheet. Be it for his personal or enterprise wealth. Our strong understanding of capital markets addresses client’s investment needs while our ability in understanding risk and credit help address his financing and debt structuring needs


We look at the business as a partnership. Clarity of thought and action governs our practice. Our client is sensitized to his investments, disclosures like risk factors, suitability besides applicable fees, etal. We believe that our clients are super achievers, experts in their field, must also understand the approach we taken have recommended for his investments.

Disclaimer: "Nuvama Wealth and Investment Limited is a corporate agent of HDFC Life and is acting as

a distributor. Since this is not a Exchange traded product,access to its investor redressal forum or

Arbitration mechanism, will not be available."